• What is Grass Fed Beef?

    Grass fed beef simply means that the cattle were allowed to forage and graze for their own fresh food. They may be given close substitutes like alfalfa during the winter, but unlike grain-fed animals, the emphasis is still on providing the closest thing to a natural diet as possible. Grains are higher in calories, and encourage the cows to grow much faster and cheaper, but grass is much higher in key nutrients like Omega-3s and B vitamins, and result in steaks that are leaner, healthier, and much more flavorful!

  • What's the Difference Between Organic and All Natural?

    Organic label requirements are much different from the “all natural” requirements. To be labeled certified organic, products must meet the following criteria: Born and raised on a certified organic pasture Never receive any antibiotics Never receive growth-promoting hormones Are fed only certified organic grains and grasses Have unrestricted outdoor access

  • What kind of Poultry we carry?

    Free-Range Organic Chicken Free-range USDA certified organic (with certified organic feed) Humanely raised Never given antibiotics or added hormones ever*

  • Can you tell me about your seafood?

    SALMON Wild-caught? YES Sustainably harvested? YES Additives? NO Ever given antibiotics or hormones? NO LOBSTER Wild-caught? YES Sustainably harvested? YES Additives? NO Ever given antibiotics or hormones? NO Our lobster is wild-caught by independent harvesters in the cold, clean waters of the North Atlantic, where we partner with a family-run business off the coast of Maine.

  • Are the meats Fresh or Frozen?

    All of our meats are delivered fresh not frozen (seafood will be frozen)

  • Where is Fresh Field Meats located?

    We are located in West Bloomfield Michigan.

  • Where is the delivery area?

    We deliver up to a 30 Mile radius. You can always email us if you need more information on delivery areas.

  • How can I pay?

    You can pay by credit card Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex.

  • Can I choose what comes in my box?


  • How does the Custom Box work?

    With the Custom Box, you can build your own box by choosing different cuts of beef, pork, and chicken. Whatever cuts you select in your first Custom Box will automatically renew each box. There may be times when we’re out of stock of an item that you’ve selected. In that case, you’ll receive an email from support@freshfieldmeats.com letting you know that there’s low inventory of that item. You’ll be prompted to choose a replacement item before your next box bills.

  • Does somebody need to be at home to accept delivery?

    Though you don’t need to be home for your delivery, we recommend retrieving your order ASAP. Don’t forget—all orders should be retrieved within 4-6 hours of delivery. You’ll receive an email from us when your box is at your doorstep.

  • Is shipping free?

    Absolutely! On orders of $99 or more. We love giving our members great value, and that includes the cost of shipping.

  • How does my package stay cold?

    We deliver your order in a refrigerated truck. Your order will be in a cold pack package that will keep your items cold. We do recommend for you to get your packages ASAP.

  • What Happens If I Don't Like My Product?

    Let’s talk. Email us at customerservice@freshfieldmeats.com