Eating real food should be more accessible, because when we eat well, we live well. This is our philosophy at Fresh Field Meats.

Lena From Clean Eats has been in the Healthy Food industry for a decade she works with helping people changes the way they eat and live a healthy lifestyle long before the USDA began labeling our food natural and organic.

Today, we’re a leading driver of the contemporary grass-fed movement. Fresh Field Meats has formed a partnership with many local farms of organic/ grass-fed beef, Together, we want to help people get organic /grass-fed cattle in a way that is sustainable, humane, and consistent in taste and quality. Our organic meat and grass-fed beef are free of hormones, steroids, and antibiotics.

Our focus is simple: we produce the best meat and seafood possible, and we’re involved every step of the way. With a team of dedicated professionals, our efforts toward quality and sustainability is at the forefront of the process. Close attention is paid to cutting, vacuum sealing, and boxing of the meat. Each box of Fresh Field meats and seafood has been handled with great care.

About Us

About Fresh Field

We deliver 100% American beef. We started Fresh Field Meats supporting American family farmers as our goal. The reason for this is pretty simple. First, we believe in supporting small, locally owned businesses and most of America’s family-owned farms are the definition of small businesses. We are excited to bring you locally sourced proteins to your door.

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